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Lost Ring allies travel home as the Olympic athletes bid the Games farewell

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August 24th marked the end of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics – the XXIX Olympiad. What most still don’t know, is that it marked the closing of another Multiversal Olympics, celebrating what is known here as The Lost Sport of Olympia.

Without going into details, August 24th was the day that athletes, Agonothetai, from various parallel worlds would perform the necessary deeds open a portal and return to their home worlds, bidding farewell to ours.

To get to that point, they enlisted the help of many, many people in our own world – to learn the Lost Sport of Olympia, to train, and compete with the other worlds, and in doing so bring our worlds closer together, uniting them and allowing the portal to open and send them home.

By August 24th, the closing ceremonies, five teams around the world had trained and qualified to compete in the final olympic sport:
* Team London, Team Tokyo, Team Wellington, Team San Francisco, and Team Salvador.

While the world was focused on the closing ceremonies in Beijing, these teams ran 3-circuit and 7-circuit labyrinths – a blindfolded runner, and a number of individuals forming a living ‘wall’ to guide the runner and keep him/her on route (yes, they can be disqualified!). They competed for the fastest times, and claim to gold, silver, and bronze placements.

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(A) Lost Ring Found!

   Posted by: thebruce

One of the 5 lost rings has been recovered!  Or is that one of the 6?

The first ring, “La Sesa Ringo”, was recovered from Wellington, NZ yesterday, after receiving tips from TheO(pposition) about its location.  The Lost Ring is believed to be composed of portions of each of the 5 rings – a composite sculpture made long ago.

This NZ ring was located by solving the tips heard in a private voicemail message left by TheO:

This is Theo agent Dewaldewaard with a report about the transport of La Sesa Ringo, ring number one. The former location of number One was 35,402 stadia in the direction of Hestia 12 from Omphalos number 8. From there, I have shifted the ring 13,550 stadia in the direction of Hestia 7.8. From next Tuesday the ring will be hidden in clear daylight in a gallery in the center of a three circuit left-running labyrinth with a width of 5.51 stadia, where the entrance of the labyrinth falls together with the Tattoo Museum and the cross of the labyrinth is located under an angle of Zeus 12. In order to get hold of the ring, you have to give the ring keeper a password.

Tell the ring keeper the name, according to Hesiod, of the first monster born from the two-headed dog and his sister, who were both born to the mate of the last-born son of our present pan-cosmological state.

After intensive analysis and discussion about where the instructions lead, a team of players in NZ met at the Pop Up Gallery, 57 Ghuznee St (the green peg seen here) and gave the password: Sphinx – ultimately uncovering the first ring.

Around the inside are messages in Braille and Esperanto.

As of this writing, the 2nd ring is in play, somewhere.  Where is it located?  If you can understand this voicemail, join the hunt!  (even if you don’t understand, still join the hunt :)


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