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Go behind the scenes at 42 Entertainment

   Posted by: thebruce has posted an in-depth behind the scenes interview with 42 Entertainment – the company that produced the Alternate Reality Game for Batman: The Dark Knight (aka “Why So Serious?“).

Read the interview with Susan Bonds and Alex Lieu about The Dark Knight over at Creativity-Online.  Find out some hidden secrets and the way things were from ‘behind the curtain’ during the campaign’s run.

42 Entertainment is also currently known to be running the ARG for Sony’s upcoming PS3 game Resistance 2 (aka “Project Abraham“)


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Lost Ring allies travel home as the Olympic athletes bid the Games farewell

   Posted by: thebruce

August 24th marked the end of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics – the XXIX Olympiad. What most still don’t know, is that it marked the closing of another Multiversal Olympics, celebrating what is known here as The Lost Sport of Olympia.

Without going into details, August 24th was the day that athletes, Agonothetai, from various parallel worlds would perform the necessary deeds open a portal and return to their home worlds, bidding farewell to ours.

To get to that point, they enlisted the help of many, many people in our own world – to learn the Lost Sport of Olympia, to train, and compete with the other worlds, and in doing so bring our worlds closer together, uniting them and allowing the portal to open and send them home.

By August 24th, the closing ceremonies, five teams around the world had trained and qualified to compete in the final olympic sport:
* Team London, Team Tokyo, Team Wellington, Team San Francisco, and Team Salvador.

While the world was focused on the closing ceremonies in Beijing, these teams ran 3-circuit and 7-circuit labyrinths – a blindfolded runner, and a number of individuals forming a living ‘wall’ to guide the runner and keep him/her on route (yes, they can be disqualified!). They competed for the fastest times, and claim to gold, silver, and bronze placements.

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Project Abraham reveals top-secret Desktop Background

   Posted by: thebruce

This week, Cassie’s voting crew chose Nathan Hale [wiki] as the next injection candidate. Thankfully, it appears another serum being delivered from Base Station Genesis has had far more positive results, and this will be the injection Hale faces this coming Tuesday.

Not only that, Cassie’s actions have been under observation, due to the ‘personal’ nature of some of her interactions with the candidate soldiers – specifically Hale and Khaner. Jarod Daltings has been suspended, and his observations catalogued in the SRPA Terminal [wiki].

But of most importance, is an image discovered in this observation package – a very high quality (1920×1200), surveillance photo of Katee Sackhoff Cassie Aklin. Of course, the image has now been made public, so who knows how many will now have Katee Cassie officially gracing their desktop background.

Download the full image here
(or from the original source)

A list of today’s update events can be found on the wiki timeline

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Calling all smort friends…

   Posted by: thebruce

Someone’s been locked up in a warehouse in Thailand and they need our help!  Though, I don’t really know who to trust… I mean, I received this tip from someone named slayher.  That doesn’t sound too reassuring.

hey, i’m not getting a lot of traction with the regular gaming crowd, but i heard youre a good detective?  My brother, 2600, and his gaming team, B Dangerous, are locked up in a Thai warehouse.  They had a run-in with some bad guys after winning a tournament at the Caribbean Club.  tryin to figure out ways to help them help themselves, know what I mean??
help me, the bruce, yr my only hope!
oh, bring your friends.  i heard they’re smort.

Despoiler also received a tip this week, although with different content.

Nevertheless, if you’re smort, go get’em!


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New Addition – Countdowns!

   Posted by: thebruce

“If you count down to it, they will flock”

Too busy to follow forum threads?  Want to get involved, but have no idea where to start?  Too much free time and want to find ways of wasting it productively?

Have no fear!  There is now a “Countdowns and upcoming events” page on Wikibruce.  While I can’t guarantee it will be an exhaustive list of every possible event that’s coming up, it’s a list of notable countdown targets and planned ARG/Viral events to look forward to, and to mark on your calendar.

Note also there is a contact link at the bottom – if you know of a countdown or event that you think should be listed, let me know!

Go check it out – see if there’s something that might interest you.

Warning – contents might be hazardous to your schedules!


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