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   Posted by: thebruce

You’d like to help support Wikibruce?

Wikibruce is a site owned and maintained solely by myself. I’ve asked for nothing, because maintaining the site and its wikis for the community I love is payment enough, and the feedback I receive from each of you is the icing on the cake.

But I have been asked occasionally if there are ways the site can be supported, if there’s a way to show thanks with more than words. I felt it reasonable to open the door for those who wish, to donate monetarily to help with the upkeep of the website, other expenses and various other community sites I maintain.

If you’re one of those who feels they’d like to offer what they can to help financially, the link below is available for that purpose. Keep in mind, this isn’t a purchase – I have nothing to give in return but gratitude and the continued upkeep of the sites (which would continue regardless!). It’s simply an optional show of gratitude, above and beyond your readership (which is all that’s needed to make me happy as a webmaster :).

The link below will take you to Paypal, and give you the option to make a donation via any supported methods.

My gratitude goes with you. If you wish to donate in words, by all means please send me feedback – I would love to hear from you! :)


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