TRON Week! – Day 4, and final instructions (raffle closed)

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Flynn Lives!
TRON week returns! Day 4 is here, with more items and information about the final raffle that will last for the weekend to be drawn on Monday!

Having now seen the film at two screenings, I can very much re-iterate: This is a movie worth seeing.

Each day this week a number of items were listed on Wikibruce.com, along with a simple “skill testing question” to ensure at least some level of Tron knowledge or fandom. Now on to today’s raffle details (Day 5 and weekend raffle instructions follow below)

Day 4 Raffle Details:

Post your answer(s) to the items for which you’d like to be entered into the drawing  in the comments below, along with your name and email.

  • You can enter as many times during the week as you like, and for as many items as you like, but only one entry per item!
  • If more than one of any item exists, more than one name will be drawn (eg, multiple t-shirts listed below means multiple names will be drawn).
  • Entries (comments to the relevant articles) will be accepted until Saturday at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern. Names will be drawn, contacted, and announced shortly thereafter.
  • Make sure you include your email address with your answer!

Raffle entry is now closed!

For item 1: Flynn Lives pin

  • 10 pins are available
  • Trivia Question:

    Who is heard in the following audio clip, and to whom are they speaking:
    (listen) Raffle Audio 1

For item 2: ‘Home Of Tron’ Flynn’s Arcade token

  • 5 pins are available
  • Trivia Question:

    Who is heard in the following audio clip, and to whom are they referring:
    (listen) Raffle Audio 2

For item 3: Encom Guest Badge (San Francisco press event)

  • 5 badges are available
  • Trivia Question:

    Who is heard in the following audio clip, and what’s the significance of this scene:
    (listen) Raffle Audio 3

Good luck!

Check out the other items from TRON week:

  • Day 1: End of Line Club Coaster, FANExpo Blue ID disc, Operation Tron Profile Badge code
  • Day 2: Samtracker 89 pin+sticker, Space Paranoids pin, Flynn Lives T-Shirt
  • Day 3: Sabotaged!
  • Day 5: Blue FLYNN LIVES poster, ARG Launch Bit

Raffle entry is now closed!

Day 5/Weekend photo challenge/raffle instructions

Well, Tron: Legacy premieres tonight first with midnight screenings. Are you planning to see Tron: Legacy at any time this opening weekend?  Because that’s the only way you’ll be entered into these final item raffles!  Get ready for the challenge!

Here’s what you need to do to have a chance to win one of the items up for raffle…

  1. See TRON: LEGACY this weekend (up to and including Sunday night).
  2. Earn entries into the raffle by submitting ONE photo (and not a collage) as evidence. The photo must contain something as visual proof of being at the theater for the this film (ticket stub, something Tron-branded, etc). you can submit as many photos are you like, but only one will be considered for entries.
  3. You can earn entries into the raffle by qualifying for any of the following ‘achievements’:
    1 entry:
    for submitting a qualifying photo (identifiable as being taken at a Tron screening at some point this weekend)
    1 entry: if the photo clearly contains at least one piece of TRON-themed clothing (eg, a costume)
    1 entry: if the photo includes at least one piece of FLYNN LIVES ARG-specific paraphernalia
    1 entry: if the photo shows a waiting line to buy tickets or enter the theater
    1 entry for each person: in the photo wearing TRON or FLYNN LIVES gear posing for the photo (you included if you’re not taking the photo)!

Photos should be submitted to raffle@wikibruce.com through Monday 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific). Include your name and your contact email. Remember, only one photo will be considered, so shoot and choose wisely!

Sample photo contents:

Here are some sample photo submissions, so you have an idea of the challenge and how you earn:

  • A photo taken in the theater holding your TRON: LEGACY ticket stub will get you 1 entry
  • A photo of you at the theater with someone dressed in a Tron costume will net you 4 entries
  • A photo taken by you at a midnight premiere screening showing a long waiting line, as well as a group of 10 friends (or random people) posing for the picture, including someone dressed in a Tron costume, a few people wearing Flynn Lives T-shirts and everyone else wearing a pin (clearly visible) from the ARG (whether their own or borrowed), will net you 14 entries!

Simply put, take as Tron-themed and creative a photo as you can when you see the movie this weekend!

Disclaimer: I may post your submitted photo in a subsequent article here, unless you inform me otherwise not to.

Want to know what’s being raffled? More details about the draw will be posted tomorrow, but for now here’s a hint; and there is more than one of one of these items…


Raffle entry is now closed!

If you have any questions, do feel free to ask.

Above all else, have fun!

See you on the grid…

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