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Flynn Lives!
TRON week becomes TRON weekend! Day 5 is here, along with the Tron: Legacy opening weekend. To finish off the week of raffling Tron and Flynn Lives paraphernalia, the final challenge will be more..challenging.

As noted on Day 4, entries for these items will be accepted through Monday evening. The challenge: Take a photo when you go to see Tron: Legacy this weekend, but make sure you capture in it as much TRON-related content and as many people as you can muster! The more you get in the photo, the more entries you earn for the draw!

Day 5/Weekend photo challenge/raffle instructions

Here’s what you need to do to have a chance to win one of the items up for raffle…

  1. See TRON: LEGACY over the weekend (up to and including Sunday night screenings).
  2. Earn entries into the raffle by submitting ONE photo (and not a collage) as evidence. The photo must contain something as visual proof of being at the theater for the this film (ticket stub, something Tron-branded, etc). You can submit as many photos as you like, but only the most recent will be considered for the draw.
  3. You can earn multiple entries into the raffle by qualifying for any of the following ‘achievements’:
    1 entry:
    for submitting a qualifying photo (identifiable as being taken at a Tron screening at some point over the weekend)
    1 entry: if the photo clearly contains at least one piece of TRON-themed clothing (eg, a costume)
    1 entry: if the photo includes at least one piece of FLYNN LIVES ARG-specific paraphernalia
    1 entry: if the photo shows a waiting line to buy tickets or enter the theater
    1 entry for each person: in the photo wearing TRON or FLYNN LIVES gear and posing for the photo (you included if you’re not taking the photo)!

Photos should be submitted to raffle@wikibruce.com
Submissions will be accepted through
Monday 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific)
Include your name and your contact email.
Only one photo per person will be considered, so shoot and choose wisely!

Sample photo contents:

Here are some sample photo submissions, so you have an idea of the challenge and how you earn:

  • A photo taken in the theater holding your TRON: LEGACY ticket stub will get you 1 entry
  • A photo of you at the theater with someone dressed in a Tron costume will net you 4 entries
  • A photo taken by you at a midnight premiere screening showing a long waiting line, as well as a group of 10 friends (or random people) posing for the picture, including someone dressed in a Tron costume, a few people wearing Flynn Lives T-shirts and everyone else wearing a pin (clearly visible) from the ARG (whether their own or borrowed), will net you 14 entries!

Simply put, take as Tron-themed and creative a photo as you can when you see the movie this weekend! Did you already see the movie and feel like you missed out on the photo op for the draw? Simple:
Go see the movie again! (and take a camera this time)  ;)

Disclaimer: I may post your submitted photo in a subsequent article here, unless you inform me otherwise not to.

If you have any questions, do feel free to ask!

Raffle Items

The best were saved for last, of course!  There are multiple of the following items available to be won.  Names will be drawn sequentially, and given the choice of one of these:

Names will be drawn randomly and contacted as long as supplies last. There are at least 5 posters, and at least 1 Bit.

Good luck, and HAPPY TRON WEEK!

The other draws are also still available and entries (comments to the relevant articles) will be accepted until Saturday at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern:

  • Day 1: End of Line Club Coaster, FANExpo Blue ID disc, Operation Tron Profile Badge code
  • Day 2: Samtracker 89 pin+sticker, Space Paranoids pin, Flynn Lives T-Shirt
  • Day 3: Sabotaged!
  • Day 4: Flynn Lives pin, ‘Home of Tron’ Flynn’s Arcade token, Encom Guest Badge

Above all else, have fun!

See you on the grid…

(some sample raffle photos already submitted)

To catch up on the Flynn Lives ARG, visit the community wiki at tron.wikibruce.com and join in with the community at Unfiction!

You can also connect with Flynn Lives on Facebook.

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