New! Diamond Shreddies!

   Posted by: thebruce

More strange billboards, this time a new variation of a product we all know and love – Shreddies! But, these billboards have no information, just a bright yellow background with an enormous picture of a diamond Shreddie

Will you go to the store and look for this new Shreddies brand? If you do, you’ll end up empty handed. Of course, a keen eye would realize it’s just a humorous play on the basic square. The way I see it, this can only be a positive campaign. Even if the ad doesn’t directly cause people to go buy Shreddies, it’s good for a quick chuckle, and a positive connection to the product.

So no – there are no real Diamond Shreddies. Well, there are, but you’ve already got’em in your dish.

“Experience the diamondness”

Check out the commercials and details at the official website of Diamond Shreddies.


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