Aladygma an Enigma

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What is Aladygma.com?
What is the significance of 00 | 11 | 22 | 88?
The site has been active for a number of months, offering strange, cryptic webpages. It began with people thinking it might be related to a Cloverfield movie sequel, but over time, the web pages became less and less related to JJ Abrams’ work. Now the pages are appearing quite random.

The homepage of Alagyma currently shows the instructions: “follow the whitespaces“. If you hit CTRL-A, you’ll notice a number of ‘spaces’ scattered around the page. Clicking on them takes you to the hidden webpages.

As of this writing, the available cryptic pages linked by the whitespace are:

The latest addition to Aladygma’s homepage, the stjepan_b link, displays this image:

Clicking the drawn box takes you to /mapgrid where 16 pieces of a map are being placed together.

Following this ‘Alagyma enigma’ is the website referenced in the above image – Aladygmaclues.com. They posted an entry regarding this webpage on June 22nd. The message on the letter reads:

“I have a map, which Thomas is looking for.
I tore it into 16 parts.
I will destroy it in 10 days.”

Later, Aladygmaclues received an email from Stjepan Boravik:


I have the Map to Aladygma.
I must divide it in 16 Pieces.

Please, if possible, ((PLEASE!!!! IT´S LATE! ))
post this first Piece on your Site:
Please also post my EmailAdress: stjepanboravik@gmail.com
So will the next online Newspaper know, how to get the other Pieces.

i have a Deal with Aladygma.com: see
I am not joking!

and : If you help me on this, they will link to your site here:

Please tell Humans to help Thomas in this Action: to find other online Newspapers ready to post the other 15 Pieces of the Map.
If not:
I have to destroy the Map in 10 Days. Piece by Piece. Day by Day.
I HAVE good reasons for that!

I’ve since contacted Stjepan, along with a few other sites:

And today, I received a response – I present to you Piece #9

So what shall become of Aladygma?  Follow the mapgrid page to see newly reported map pieces.


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Thanks for the piece!

Like you website – will add to my netvibes!

June 27th, 2008 at 6:10 pm

I was following Aladygma for a loooong time. And finally kinda stopped. Glad to see its still up and going. Maybe I’ll swing over.

July 19th, 2008 at 7:57 am

Hi, did you see the news at aladygma.com/news? there is a new page, about the son of thomas dahlem. His name is LARRY!

August 29th, 2008 at 2:24 pm

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