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A quick two-fer for those of you looking for something to look into, something mysterious, something life-changing?

I recently received a blog comment from haguruma, who links to his blog at kuromoritoshio.blogspot.com, including the following image:

The image also led to EklipseGlobal flickr account.  As a little background, haguruma is one of a number of aliases used by this person.  Pancito did a bit of research at Unfiction.

I also received an email from Tyler Mills earlier, simply reading:

Won’t you help me [decode] this, please?

It also included the following attachment

How does one decode a barcode?  Why, by scouring google for a barcode decoder, of course.  After a bit of searching, and trial and error, the linear decoder demo from Intelcom.ru came through very nicely.  The result?


Time to go check it out!  The game itself hasn’t yet started, but launches August 15th and much has happened so far, setting the stage.

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