Massive Dynamic opens its doors (updated)

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With the Fringe TV Series premiering tonight on Fox, the website everyone’s been itching to explore has finally removed its ‘under construction’ facade.

Massive Dynamic is a technology coropration that has developed a number of items in the show in various areas, including weapons testing, robotics, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. It’s also located in Toronto, Ontario disguised as the Royal Ontario Museum.
… er… well, that’s the outer appearance they used for its office architecture in the pilot episode.

  • Fringe premieres tonight on Fox and CTV at 8:00pm Eastern.
  • Go and explore what may very well become an immersive extended experience at MassiveDynamic.com
  • Take a look at the Fringepedia wiki to get caught up on all things Fringe


With the official airing of the Fringe pilot came a number of changes to the show’s content, including a new Massive Dynamic office facade, and some updated mysterious content, such as text on the kayak in Dunham’s dream sequence, writing on a gravestone in the same sequence, the well-known Fringe objects appearing very quickly before commercials, and much more, all hidden in the show.  A new website was also discovered – www.glowingmonkeys.com – written on a poster attached to a street light outside the new MD building.


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