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With the airing of Fringe on the 9th, and the opening of MassiveDynamic.com, I’ve decided to open a wiki for Fringe Extended Reality specific information tracking. There already exists quite a number of general Fringe-related fan sites, wikis, and blogs, but each generally approach Fringe from the TV show perspective.

Not many have detailed online component resources, approaching the franchise from the extended reality campaign direction.  Taking that into account, I’ve created fringe.wikibruce.com to help organize and track online components, how they’re connected to the TV episodes, and linking to general-Fringe-lore websites for detailed canon information.

Also, other major ARGs have completed or are winding down. Gotta keep active :)

If you haven’t seen Fringe, the pilot (and subseqent future episodes) is downloadable via Fox.com/fringe (US only) and via CTV.ca (Canada), and available on Hulu.com.

Visit the extended online components, currently known at www.MassiveDynamic.com, www.GlowingMonkeys.com, and www.ImagineTheImpossibilities.com

Other significant Fringe-related sites:


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