The Stranger Is Watching

   Posted by: thebruce

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Reports of a disturbing email today…

from: Stranger and Stranger
to: Stranger and Stranger
date: Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 10:49 AM
subject: spread the truth
mailed-by: googlemail.com

they say they have her body.


on display tonight in portland, they say.
saturday in sacramento.
monday in san francisco.
tuesday in los angeles.


do you believe them?


well, of the two of us, i know the truth.


i say they’re lying.


but people will show up. they will believe.
will you help me convince them otherwise?




print these photos out.
pass them out to who you can.
tape them to the walls.
leave them where people will find them.


and most importantly:
tell them how to contact me.


people need to know.


if you won’t be there,
spread the word where you can.


take pictures.
send me proof
and i will reward you for your diligence.




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