The IBBC hasn’t yet been stopped – new money drops!

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wb_stiThe IBBC is still up to no good.  Last week, stoptheinternational.com got a sizeable makeover.  Drop points – money caches – appeared splattered all over the United States and Europe, with specific dates and times.  Seven US locations were intercepted, their packages retrieved in the limited 3 hour time alloted for them. Only one location wasn’t retrieved – in New York City.

No worries!  The map still lists a truck-load of drop locations coming up, scheduled for times through January 21-22, and January 28-29 in the US and Europe.  Check the list below to find out if there’s a money cache drop planned near you – and if you’re in a city within range, be sure to ‘drop in’ and find the cache!  Reports of money totals, in various domestic and foreign currencies, have ranged from $80 through over $500 USD.

Be sure to visit stoptheinternational.com to get fully up to speed on the money being tracked, and the case against the IBBC.  Get a login, and join in the adventure.   You may also have a chance to win a car.  (Note: the car contest is only open to residents of the US, UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany; but the money can be found by anyone!)

Boston money cache combo lock - look for these!Remaining locations listed chronologically (note timezones), bold means the drop is live!:

(update: a report indicates that while the drop info is made live early, the locks themselves may not appear until the original scheduled time)

(Update 2: drop times may change at any time – Last updated  12:00amE, Jan 29)

USA (Wed Jan 21st)
(collected) – Tempe
(collected) – Miami
(collected) – Detroit
(collected) – Atlanta
(collected) – Ann Arbor
(collected) – Mesa
(collected) – El Paso
(collected) – Scottsdale
(collected) – Oakland
(collected) – Phoenix
(collected) – San Francisco
(collected) – Seattle

Europe (Thu Jan 22nd)
(collected) – Paris
(collected) – Barcelona
(collected) – Berlin
(collected) – Rome
(collected) – London

USA (Wed Jan 28th)
(collected) – New Orleans
(collected) – Pittsburgh
(canceled) – Oxford
(collected) – Washington, DC
(collected) – Tampa
(collected) – Kansas City
(collected) – Columbus
(collected) – Salt Lake City
(collected) – Tucson
(collected) – Denver
(collected) – Baltimore
(canceled) – Dayton
(collected) – Newport
(collected) – New York
(collected) – Detroit
(collected) – Atlanta
(failed) – Ashville
(collected) – Raleigh
(collected) – Gainesville
(collected) – Miami
(collected) – Boston
(collected) – Philadelphia
(canceled) – Cincinnati
(collected) – Chicago
(collected) – Minneapolis
(collected) – Mesa
(collected) – Boulder
(collected) – Durham
(failed) – College Station
(collected) – Madison
(collected) – Milwaukee
(collected) – El Paso
(collected) – Seattle
(collected) – Portland
(collected) – Providence
(collected) – Austin
(collected) – Houston
(collected) – Phoenix
(collected) – San Francisco
(collected) – Las Vegas
(collected) – San Diego
(collected) – Los Angeles

Europe (Thu Jan 29th)
1pm GMT – Paris
1pm GMT – Madrid
1pm GMT – Berlin
1pm GMT – Rome
2pm GMT – London

Addlepated's money cache contents, Austin TXDON’T FORGET! – if you plan to intercept a money drop:
1) Make sure you check the website to find out the exact location of the money cache in your city when its counter hits zero!
2) Make sure you check the website to make note of the combination lock code so you can open the money cache!
3) Play nice!  You may not be the only one to get to the money cache at the appointed time. People like when people share ;)

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hi im playstation3 owner, in some part of europa an ibbc icon
has shown up i the xmb but it dont work, in some cases
the icon did not shown up at all, sorry my enghlis
can you tell why??

September 3rd, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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