TRON Week! – Day 3?

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Flynn Lives!
TRON week continues, but Day 3 has been sabotaged! Something in the grid has caused a problem, blocking access to my home computer wherein all the details for the raffle are stored.  Unfortunately, as I won’t be able to tend to the matter until later tonight (on returning from another Tron: Legacy screening this week, care of Norelco), this means that today’s raffle items list will be postponed until tomorrow.

Day 4 will be up at noon eastern Thursday and will also include today’s items, along with some more questions.  Be prepared for Day 5 though! The best is being saved for last, and the ‘skill test’ will be a little more challenging…

Be rezzed to see Tron: Legacy this opening weekend – it is well worth the wait!

Check out the other raffle items from TRON week:

  • Day 1: End of Line Club Coaster, FANExpo Blue ID disc, Operation Tron Profile Badge code
  • Day 2: Samtracker 89 pin+sticker, Space Paranoids pin, Flynn Lives T-Shirt
  • Day 3: Sabotaged!
  • Day 4: Flynn Lives pin, ‘Home of Tron’ Flynn’s Arcade token, Encom Guest Badge
  • Day 5: Blue FLYNN LIVES poster, ARG Launch Bit

Raffle entry is now closed!


To catch up on the Flynn Lives ARG, visit the community wiki at tron.wikibruce.com and join in with the community at Unfiction!

You can also connect with Flynn Lives on Facebook.

See you on the grid…

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